Meet the Expert: Lisa Jackson

‘Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together’

This quote epitomises Lisa! (Thanks Denise Felton)

Lisa is an incredible teacher who is passionate about helping movement teachers to build deep understanding of Pilates-based movement and biomechanics. She nurtures and guides participants so that practical skills, knowledge and insight come together for immediate client teaching use.

Here’s your chance to understand more about Lisa, past, present and future …


Reach: What got you into Pilates and movement and on this journey?

I was living in the US back in 2001 when Pilates was becoming more and more popular, so of course I had to try it!!  I loved it from my first ever session and then began going to classes 2 – 3 times per week.  I had also not long moved to the US and I found the Pilates community full of really lovely people.   Whilst living in Los Angeles I underwent major arm surgery for a malignant melanoma, the incision to my right bicep left me unable to use my arm for some time and the scar and my arm looked quite shocking (I was not expecting that!).  It was through Pilates that I was able to slowly rehabilitate and use my arm, my instructor was so amazing with me and I felt there was so much I could still do even though my arm strength was lacking.   This incident also made me stop and think about what I really wanted to do in my life, I knew I was passionate about Pilates and my teacher encouraged me to pursue a career teaching Pilates.    am forever grateful she encouraged me for I found my dearest and closest friend in my training course (Jennifer Weiss), and we are still besties, even from across the globe.  I have also met and found wonderful friends through the Australian Pilates community, people who really encourage and inspire me, all whilst being able to have a good laugh!

Reach: Tell us a bit about your daily movement and activities:

That depends on the day!!  When I teach in my studio it is pretty full on with time so I usually try and take 40 minutes in my break to jump on the equipment.  I walk my dog every day and really enjoy a good walk.  My newest most favourite thing to do is rock climbing so I try to do that as much I can.  I really enjoy new challenges, it stops me from becoming complacent but also reminds me how important Pilates is for us to “live life” because I always need to come back to it to rebalance my body after a mountain or two!!

Reach: Do you have a fave movement health passion? If so, tell us more! 

I love the pelvis and hips and helping people understand how to move their body more confidently and efficiently.  I was very lucky to be able to work with Alison Grimaldi (Hip Researcher and Physiotherapist) and through her work I gained so much more knowledge about anatomy and the way our pelvis’ and hips stay healthy.  I think what I am most passionate about is studying the human body, how it works best and how we can help which is why I stay a “forever learner”.  I am very passionate about helping my clients move well as they age and staying active as they age.

Reach: Have you had a pivotal moment in your movement health life .. if so, care to share?

After teaching Pilates for a few years in the US (and thinking I was a pretty good mover!!), I came home and discovered the work of Sally Anderson.  I remember taking a session with her and was in awe of how much she understood my body and all my nuances that many before had never helped me through.  A perfect example is my winging shoulder blades, I had been told for some time to stop doing it, but nobody had actually explained why I was unable to correct this.  I knew form this day I had to learn more to better understand the body and then be able to teach better, this of course lead me to bridge to the government course and continue on with the Advanced Diploma.

Reach: The all important stuff – what’s your music playlist go to’s!

I am an 80s girl through and through.  I love a good dance and you can’t beat the good old 80s tracks.

Reach: Who would you want to play you in the movie of your life?

My daughter, Abby!  She is constantly telling me she gets all her habits and traits from me!!   Also, she is simply stunning so would make me look great!!

Reach: When the current state of the world opens up more, where to for your next holiday?

Arco in Italy to climb with the love of my life.

Reach: And any other goals for the future?

I am hoping to write some great material for my workshops, study some more and I am even considering starting a degree in Exercise Science.   I am also looking to relocate so am very excited about what opportunities await me in Victoria.  I would also love to work with specific climbing rehab and training.

Reach: Describe what ‘moving for health’ means to you?

Moving for health means living a full and active life, making movement a part of your life, not just thinking “exercising” once per week is enough.

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Lisa delivers several online and face-to-face workshops for Reach including:

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