Meet the Expert: Marisa Traino

“Our minds and bodies are our temples, so.. make donations to them with  informed decisions.” 

Every week this dynamo physiotherapist and Pilates teacher works full-time as Senior Physio at a major Sydney hospital, part-time in Reach HQ Studio with long term (lucky) clients, develops awesome movement health training programs and workshops, and still finds time to cook up Italian feasts in her fave home kitchen!

The blend of clinical treatment, functional movement and cooking is a recipe for one of the most inspiring, articulate, fun and engaging presenters we know.

Here’s your chance to understand more about Marisa, past, present and future …


Reach: What got you into Pilates and movement and on this journey?

A cocktail of  elements- recognising Pilates helps balance out the physical effects of my bread weakness…A healthy dose of curiosity and desire for an indoor movement discipline (that doesn’t involve wearing shoes) to grow alongside my calendar years ….. then…. had a Kodak moment stepping into a real studio with the gorgeous timber- based equipment!

Reach: Tell us a bit about your daily movement and activities:

Pilates and walking is my daily movement activity. Mentally, I surf/bodyboard daily too- just waiting for lotto or the beach to move closer to me so I can complete the physical frequency element. The rolldown is my go-to daily exercise. Simple or complex depending on how much you analyse while doing it…always feels amazing.

Reach: Do you have a fave movement health passion? If so, tell us more! 

I’m passionate about translating science-based movement philosophies to empower all age groups- for anyone wanting to take control of their own quality of life. I’m hoping we rise to our body’s challenges and realise our mind/body is our temple so.. make donations to it with  informed decisions.

Reach: Have you had a pivotal moment in your movement health life .. if so, care to share?

Not personally to my health (yet)…. but, the real pearls I swear by in movement health are from years of seeing results in rehabilitating from a wound state to independence: Respect knowledge, a positive attitude, time and movement as powerful tools in healing throughout life.

Reach: The all important stuff – what’s your music playlist go to’s!

90s R&B hands down!

Reach: Who would you want to play you in the movie of your life?

I would be honoured for Tea Leoni to be “me” in a movie. While physically looking nothing alike, she’s my Alter Ego- cynical and sarcastic but quick to laugh. The incredulous/ perplexed expression- an art I share. Who’d likely win the audition? Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I’ve been told (repeatedly), it’s a scary match especially during her Seinfeld days.

Reach: When the current state of the world opens up more, where to for your next holiday?

A secret island I can’t divulge so COVID hasn’t made it’s way there and I have plenty of space to practice surfing with elbow room. Unprompted servings of gin is a heavily advertised feature.

Reach: And any other goals for the future?

Creating loads of great memories for future Marisa to appreciate and cackle over; Master the art of homemade focaccia to rival Florence.

Reach: Describe what ‘moving for health’ means to you?

Taking control of your own body. Making everything feel equally good – mentally and physically. You know you’re there when you’ve lost the concept of time and any external distractions and can admit to yourself you’ve just exceeded your own expectations.

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