Modern day health topics

Ideally aimed at instructors working in Pilates, movement health, therapeutic movement, rehabilitation and fitness settings, Reach training courses provide post graduate continuing education delving into crucial modern day movement health topics.

Each course offers prescriptive movement tools, programming and underpinning knowledge required to restore or achieve optimal health and function in the modern world.

Our aim in these courses is to provide movement teachers the opportunity to learn and grow, to be confident in their own knowledge and to guide their clients with up-to-date education and prescriptive applications, to address and restore physical, mental, emotional and psychological health through movement.

Online | Practical

Reach Courses are provided online with curriculum and videos of the theory and practical work, with optional opportunities to add practical sessions. Reach Womens and Mens Health courses provide the course theory online and include practical sessions as the integration of the course work. Pricing for the Reach Training Courses is generally in US dollars unless noted otherwise.

If you are looking for shorter programs we have a range of Online Workshops and In-Person CEP and  delivered by a range of experts.

Training Programs

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