Workshop: Hip Health with Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson will present this face-to-face workshop based in latest understanding, research and clinical insights of best practices and protocols for hip health using movement. Incorporated into the full program of CEP in Brisbane on 5 June 2022 alongside Sally Anderson at Boutique Pilates Method Studio in Windsor Brisbane.

Lisa is a highly qualified and experienced movement practitioner specialising in science-based applications for the hip joint and lumbopelvic regions, bone health, active ageing and overall healthy movement.

Don’t miss this opportunity to layer deeper understanding of the hip joint and function into your teaching with one of the clearest, most concise and engaging presenters around, with enormous knowledge and practical advice for working with all types of hip joint issues from impingements to hip replacements, bursitis and everything in between.

BRISBANE:  Sunday  5 June 2022 – join us for the whole day or even just single sessions. Lisa and Sally Anderson will present an inspiring day of CEP across topics including joint care, musculoskeletal conditioning and rehabilitation, modern posture, bone health, hydration and using the mat, Reformer, small and large Pilates apparatus.

For more information on the full day schedule and to register go to this link: REACH SHOP



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