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Hi, Sally here – founder of Reach Movement Health.

I am someone who believes that health is our number one priority and we need to focus on it as a community, a society, and as a global population … which starts with focusing on it for ourselves.  Unhealthy or unwell = unhappy and unable. For me, this also = unacceptable.

The ability for each of us to use movement to achieve greater health is inbuilt to a large extent. Our bodies need movement to function, and lack of movement is directly related to poor health1 … and the statistics prove it.

“That which is used – develops. That which is not used wastes away.”


Regular physical activity has been proven to help prevent and treat noncommunicable diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and various cancers. It also prevents hypertension, overweight and obesity, and can improve mental health, quality of life and wellbeing2. Additionally, it has been found that societies that are more active are interconnected with a range of other financial, ecological and sustainability benefits.

It has long been touted that, if all the benefits of exercise could be gained from taking a pill, there is little doubt that everyone would take one every day. Until we can create this magic pill, the answer must be, increasing our movement in positive ways, and many days.

So what’s the best way to move more ….

  1. We shouldn’t make it a hard task. We need to find ways to increase our movement efficiently and for the long term, that is sustainable. Accumulative movement has been proven to be very effective. Efficient (read ‘shorter’) bursts of movement done consistently, works. Set realistic goals and make it a positive experience.
  2. It isn’t about aesthetics. You won’t hear me talking about “feel the burn” (that old 80’s dogma) or “low fat” or “peachy butts”… or the like. I will talk to you about strength, resilience, efficiency, longevity … and the like.
  3. Not all movement is equal. I am all for any movement and exercise being better than none, up to a point. To reiterate bad movement patterns or overload the body with movement, is only going to create more problems. We need to move in ways that will create positive progress toward our health and wellness needs.

Move well, every day

The marriage of health and enjoying your life is the real aim. No one wants to spend their days starving, counting calories, or feeling afflicted or discriminated against. Each day should be a combination of enjoyable activities that progress our state of living and the ability to eat, work, play and participate to our greatest extent.

Reach further

We are living different lives to previous generations and the forces we face now in our modern world must be addressed. Sitting, technology, dehydration, stress and anxiety …

Reach Movement Health provides solutions to these new forces. Efficient, every day positive movement opportunities that embrace the concepts of consistent, progressive, prescriptive movement practice toward health and wellness outcomes.

We embrace science as an underpinning necessity for providing prescriptive movement, and we focus on the needs we face in the modern world.

Where to start

Reach Movement Health provides online and in-person training for movement teachers and in-studio sessions for clients. Reach HQ is in Newtown Sydney, where you can book for in-person prescriptive training in a variety of ways – private, semi-private, very small group classes. Or drop us an EMAIL to find an affiliated trainer that is in your location.

In-studio classes at Reach HQ are started for 2022 slowly and in a covid friendly manner from 18th February.

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