Meet the Expert: Katrina Edwards

‘Movement is life and life is movement’.

A life-long mover and dedicated movement educator, Katrina has expertise and practice a-plenty but she continues to practice, learn, plan and move every day without fail. This passion and continuous fascination with how ‘movement is life and life is movement’ is the basis for her work with clients from all walks of life.

Here’s your chance to understand more about Katrina, past, present and future …


Reach: Tell us a bit about your daily movement and activities:

I start each day with some form of pilates based mind/body movement practise. this is 7 days out of 7 for me. it is how I begin each day. I have a reformer at home so at least twice a week I take myself for a session and I am usually planning material for a class/workshop/session coming up. My session always fuels my class planning.

Reach: Do you have a fave movement health passion? If so, tell us more! 

“Move to live and live to move”. I want to keep challenging myself. I am currently studying Iyengar yoga privately to continue to explore myself within the area of somatic practice.  Mind/body is a passion of mine but so is self mastery. I find self mastery fascinating. I am attracted to people who are craftsman. people who have dedicated hous and hours to hone a craft whether it be making croissants, making chocolate from scratch, making violins, a ballerina. I am attracted to expertise and excellence.

Reach: Have you had a pivotal moment in your movement health life .. if so, care to share?

Starting Pilates practise at 18 was a pivotal moment. starting study at the Australian Ballet School was a pivotal moment. starting to teach pilates in different settings across sporting organisations and at the Australian Ballet School have been pivotal movement health and life changing experiences as my repertoire and appetite for knowledge has had to expand and broaden.

Reach: The all important stuff – what’s your music playlist go to’s!

This one is tough, I was an ABBA fan growing up and new the words to every song.  I love Paul Kelly, Nick Cave, lorde, Ed Sheeran. I am drawn to artists that write their own music and songs.

Reach: Who would you want to play you in the movie of your life?

Michelle Williams

Reach: When the current state of the world opens up more, where to for your next holiday?


Reach: And any other goals for the future?

To continue to see each day as an experience, to continue to thrive and flourish. I am a growth mindset person. and when I am in growth mindset I thrive. All of work settings encourage this side of me.

Reach: Describe what ‘moving for health’ means to you?

I can’t imagine not having the connectedness to my physical being that I have, and I certainly not taking it for granted. I watch my husband fight everyday to function, walk and get through his day after a complex surgery meant he had to relearn to walk.

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