About Reach

Reach is a movement health education and training company that provides prescriptive movement health solutions  for modern health needs.

With continuing professional education for Pilates and movement health practitioners, and every day training and education for all our clients and communities.

Founded by Pilates and movement health pioneer Sally Anderson as a knowledge hub for movement specialists, Reach provides a modern approach to the application of movement for health.

We understand movement to be more than just a workout, but rather a nourishing ritual at the centre of our physical design, encompassing wellness, strength, balance and restoration.

Reach Courses, Online Workshops and In-person Workshops focus on current, science-substantiated education and programming for our evolving global needs, and in the process redefine the way we move as a society.

Specialists in Pilates and movement for health

Reach encompasses a broad community of Experts specialising in movement health and every day is a collaboration.

We collaborate with experts that work with the latest research and understanding in areas from biomechanics and physical therapies, to immunity, hydration, bone health and longevity.

We believe in the importance of continual refinement. Only when you’re confident in your own knowledge and philosophy can you truly inspire others.

As a trusted resource, we bring together a carefully substantiated body of evolving knowledge and techniques so that our fellow movement practitioners, and their clients, can continue to reach further.


Reach is headquartered in Sydney and where we provide workshops, events and client sessions from XEN Studios in Newtown. In other states and regions we provide in-person services at our Affiliate and Host sites.

If you are looking to undertake Pilates sessions as a client in Sydney go to:

XEN Studios

210/3 Gladstone St, Newtown

Reach is an accredited business with industry peak body AUSactive and provides CECs and PDPs with international and national registration bodies.

See  current continuing education courses and workshops for CECs / PDPs:

AUSactive CECs List      NPCP CECs List



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