Womens Health

Pilates for optimising Womens Health through the adult years.

This course explores the health of women across the lifespan including:

  • Women’s life stages and the relationship between hormonal and physical changes
  • The effects of the primary ‘female sex hormones’
  • The menstrual cycle and hormonal balancing
  • Exercise strategies for managing hormone fluctuations and the menstrual cycle
  • Prescriptive movement sequences for adult women

This Women’s Health training includes online theory and downloadable client instruction programs and resources, and comprehensive, research-based curriculum. If you would like to add the Adolescent Girls Health training please look for the ‘Bundle’ that provides Womens and Girls Health at a discounted price.

Take this short course as quickly or slowly as you like – you might complete this in weeks or months, depending on your own circumstances. We give you 12 months open access to do the course, review and reference.

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