Mens Health

Pilates to support life and longevity of men.

This short course overviews the health of males, including a factual look at gender differences related to our health, what barriers might exist and how to help motivate men to exercise, and classes, daily doses and applications for using movement to enhance health and wellbeing for men. You will learn sequences and programs for teaching prescriptive movement for male health and wellbeing, along with contemporary strategies for addressing mens needs.

Ongoing releases will delve more deeply into the primary diseases and conditions faced by males, focusing on care and prevention, and specific training strategies for male health. All backed up by science and with programs for you to deliver immediately.

Take this short course as quickly or slowly as you like – you might complete this in weeks or months, depending on your own circumstances. We give you 12 months open access to do the course, review,  and reference, and apply.

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