Adolescent Girls Health

Pilates for girls in their adolescent years, setting positive movement habits for life.

This course provides an understanding of the adolescence years in the female hormonal journey, and the importance of this life stage to the full female lifespan.

You will learn how the adolescent stage requires a specific approach, along with specific exercise strategies, motivational sequencing and applications for adolescent girls. Setting up good habits and positive movement influences in the adolescent years has a huge impact on female health for life. This course focus’ on:

  • The importance of puberty and adolescence to the adult lifespan
  • Exercise strategies for teen girls to build confidence and strength
  • Prescriptive movement sequences for adolescent girls

Coming under the umbrella of the Womens Health training program, participants may undertake this training as a stand-alone course, or as an adjunct to the Womens Health training program.

In combination, the two courses provide a comprehensive look at the female journey and how health, vitality, and longevity can be worked toward from early stages and throughout the full range of a womens life stages. If you would like to undertake both Womens Health (adult years) as well as Adolescent Girls Health, please look for the ‘Bundle’ that provides both together at a discount price.

You don’t have to be female to undertake this course or any of the womens health training. Anyone who teaches Pilates to females will benefit from understanding the life stages and hormonal cycles of girls and women, and the corresponding applications of movement to enhance health and wellness.

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