Daily Health

Pilates for achieving optimal health and wellbeing through daily practice.

Daily Health provides information, strategies and exercises for Daily Health. We are our own best doctor, if we can learn to recognise our own needs and how to make our daily prescription simple and effective. This program provides relevant, succinct, information and innovative movement techniques for creating best health behaviours and ongoing wellbeing. Reach Daily Health is grounded in experience, research, science and care.

We created this short course to provide anyone an essential understanding, techniques and movement skills that everyone can use on a daily basis for better health. It is for anyone and includes a selection of information and movement sequences drawn from our Posture, Hydration, Calm & Centred, and general health programs.

Learn why these topics are so important for our modern wellness and how movement is such a crucial part of how we can stay well.

Prior to enrolling please review our Terms of participation.

Purchase at your choice of  AUD$150 only or $30 pm.

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