Visceral Mobilisation: Use Pilates to release and stimulate the liver, stomach and colon

“A Squash and a Squeeze!”

This highly stimulating workshop explores how we can encourage mobilisation and release of the visceral organs through common movement practice.

Liz and Kerry combine to take you through easy-to-understand surface anatomy of the selected organs, the essential connections and movements they have, requirements for healthy movement and causes of visceral restrictions, paradigm shifts, contraindications and indications, simple movement testing and specific repertoire that movement teachers can use to help mobilise these organs.

Using simulated props, participants are taken on a trip inside the body to understand how these organs relate to and benefit from specific movements, and working into repertoire examples that positively effect mobilisation of the viscera.

You will learn specific Pilates repertoire and applications to effect mobilisation and stimulation of the organs, that are immediately able to be used in client sessions and within scope of practice.



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