Load & Progression with Lanette Helene

Resistance and load is essential to movement in order to stimulate the neuromuscular system to grow and adapt to make lasting physical changes.

Using the Pilates method we can apply a uniquely gentle and subtle of exercising with overload and progression, utilising articulate, targeted movements that build strength, improve health, and is designed to bring lasting positive change to the body.

With a more refined understanding of how to apply spring loading and programming strategies to increase intensity, practitioners can more accurately target thenervous, muscular and hormonal systems.

This workshop will review understanding and knowledge of muscle physiology and action, then explore the Overload Principle in relation to the Pilates Method.

You will participate in a variety of different activities and techniques including the Reformer, the Trapeze Table and the Wunda Chair to experience how changes in load can affect muscle recruitment, movement sequences, and stability. Achieve long-lasting, sustainable results through a deeper understanding of the relationship between stability, power and function.

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