Multi Dimension Posture

Faulty postures occur in a combination of all planes, and in a great percentage of people the faulty posture pattern involves a primary rotational pattern. This inevitably leads to secondary dysfunctional muscle pattern responses throughout the body.

This workshop is provided as a “therapeutic intervention” to apply when a postural rotation pattern has become chronically dysfunctional. The need to intervene will become apparent based on recognition of the rotational indicators that you will learn in this course, and feedback from the client of their symptomatic response to the dysfunction.

When such a dysfunction is present and no progress is achieved with usual movement practice, this intervention employs strategies to disrupt the dysfunctional posture and provide exercise selections and application to rebalance, reduce symptoms and restore function.

The focus of this workshop is a primary pelvic rotational posture. We will aim to positively affect the postural pattern using props, exercises and positioning to address faulty patterns, and strategies to alleviate and rebalance.

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