Workshop: Moving Oedema-Lymphatic Stimulation

Presented by Marisa Traino and focusing on lymphatic flow post trauma, this workshop provides the skills and knowledge to apply powerful physiological rationales to targeted exercise programming for lymphatic fluid clearance, utilizing Pilates method repertoire and prescriptive programming.

There will come a time at some point in our lives when we’ll be recovering from injury or trauma. Injuries often result in fluid or swelling that stubbornly remains trapped in our arms or legs (peripheral oedema). Our lymphatic system, known already to us for its importance in the body’s defence and immunity capabilities, is critical in draining oedema. Yet without a targeted approach our lymphatic system will continue it’s struggle, leading to local immune dysfunction, loss of movement and chronic disease.

Workshop participants will learn strategies and programming that has been extended from traditional lymphoedema manual lymph drainage techniques initially described by Dr Vodder (1930s), that target persistent swelling after injury. It will also provide an overview of how we can help our every day clients understand and help to reduce inflammation using movement to effect lymphatic drainage. Let’s bring something more meaningful to our clients exercise regime to finally target persistent swelling after an injury.

This overview workshop is drawn from Marisa’s comprehensive online workshop on Inflammation and Oedema.

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