Pre and Post Natal

With Sonia Crisafulli

Join Reach Womens Health expert Sonia for a workshop delving into the  guidelines, repertoire, applications and programming strategies for pre and post natal clients in this comprehensive specialty workshop.

Upon registration participants will be provided access to the Pilates for Pregnancy online workshop that gives an in-depth understanding of pregnancy, the changes that occur in various systems of the body, and exercise guidelines and programming considerations for pre-natal clients.

The face-to-face workshop will then review the guidelines, screening and clearance requirements, possible risk factors and conditions, indicated and contra-indicated exercises, specific repertoire to utilise, and programming for Pilates instruction and application, relevant to both pre-natal and post natal clients.

Registration includes online course access for 12 weeks plus face-to-face workshop on 3rd December 2022.

Venue: Pilates With Sonia, Coolangatta NSW


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