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Learn, explore, deepen your teaching with the one and only Deborah Lessen, presenting a closer look at the essential Pre-Pilates repertoire.

Deborah is the ‘teachers’ teacher’.  In constant demand to share her expertise and exceptional industry experience, this short course offers the opportunity to work with Deborah to deepen your Pilates teaching abilities and learn from her approach and incredible wealth of experience.

Pre-Pilates Techniques

The Pre-Pilates Techniques course offers the unique opportunity to work with Deborah to deepen your understanding of the essential pre-Pilates work, exploring how it relates to movement function and how it progresses into and provides the basis for the full Pilates Method repertoire.

Drawing from her extensive experience and her lineage with Joseph Pilates first protégé Carola Trier, Deborah is a master of the Pre-Pilates work and sees these exercises as essential tools for being a successful Pilates teacher.

Read more about Deborah’s extraordinary career in movement and as a Pilates industry leader and professional influencer HERE.

Recommended prior to registration

This course is aimed at deepening your understanding of the pre-Pilates repertoire as tools for your teaching. We recommend you have been teaching for some years after obtaining your certification. This professional experience gives teachers a grounding in  working with clients over an extended time and a perspective for taking on the true value of pre-Pilates work. However, the course is open to anyone with comprehensive certification who is teaching in the Pilates profession.


The Course

Deborah is joined by none other than Blossom Leilani Crawford demonstrating the repertoire as Deborah teaches and discusses the application of each exercise.

Included in the online content are also two Mat Classes:

  1. Pre-Pilates Matwork class taught by Deborah and integrating the pre-Pilates exercises, demonstrated by Blossom, Lanette Helene and Andrew Aroustian.
  2. Intermediate-Advanced Mat Class demonstrated by Pilates teacher Zoe Feldman, giving you an opportunity to see where the exercises lead, and to do this class as your own practice if you choose.

Zoom Session Recordings

As part of this course you will have the opportunity to complete (2) session recordings of live online zoom sessions with Deborah. These cover:

  • an introduction to the Pre-Pilates work
  • Deborah’s teaching approach to apply with the online repertoire
  • Pre-Pilates/Pilates Mat Class experience (Online live session 2)
  • Q&A’s with Deborah


Presented as an Online Curriculum course with the additional inclusion of recordings of the live online sessions, you will work through the course at your own pace once enrolled.

Enrolment dates

There will be a set enrolment period of 12 weeks for all enrolments to this online course.

  • Enrolments open: 1st February 2024
  • Enrolments close: 30th April 2024
  • Course access duration: 6 months from date of your enrolment.
  • Online Completion:
    • Finalise online content
    • Multiple Choice Quiz
    • Wrap Up.

Participants are expected to undertake consistent self practice of the work while doing the online content and zoom session recordings.

Deborah Lessen recommended teachers are provided in the course resources for participants to access if they choose to.



This Pre-Pilates Techniques course with Deborah Lessen requires each of these components to be complete in order to receive your final certificate.

  • Complete online curriculum including watch all videos (compulsory), read the text and download any resources.
  • Successfully complete the online quiz for which  you will have 4 attempts to achieve a 80% or greater pass mark
  • Successful completion of the online multiple choice assessment.

Completion of these components will provide a Certificate of Completion and awards 9 CECs with NPCP. You may also submit your final Certificate to your preferred industry body and request continuing education credits.

NPCP CECs = 9   |   PAA PDPs = 8


Pricing is in US dollars.

Cost is $395.00 | or you could choose a payment plan of 6 monthly instalments.

This course is presented by Reach Movement Health in collaboration with Deborah Lessen Pilates. Registrations are taken and managed by Reach Universal t/a Reach Movement Health. Communications are managed by Reach Universal t/a Reach Movement Health in collaboration with Deborah Lessen Pilates.


Prior to registering you are required to read and understand our TERMS of participation.

Registrations for this course close midnight 30th April 2024.

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