Reach provides in-depth post-graduate level continuing education workshops and masterclasses, presented by highly qualified and experienced experts in this field.

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Below are our currently scheduled in-person workshops and masterclasses up until the end of May 2024.

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Date TBA

Sydney: Wellness Pilates, Chatswood Studio

Pre and Post Natal Pilates with Sonia Crisafulli

Join womens health expert Sonia for a practical guide to understanding the three official trimesters of pregnancy and how to help mum recover post natally in what is often termed the ‘fourth trimester’.

You will learn guidelines, repertoire applications, and importantly, how to tailor programming to keep women in best condition while also keeping them working appropriately to their pregnancy and birthing experience.


Friday 15 March 2024

Live Online | Melbourne

Application of Strength Reformer Masterclass with Benjamin Rashleigh

2 – 3.15pm

Join Ben for a new masterclass live online, exploring the concepts from his hugely popular Application of Strength workshop.

This is a different masterclass from the August 2023 presentation, working through new applications on the Reformer.


Sunday 14 April 2024

Sydney: Wellness Pilates, Chatswood Studio

Applying Pilates for Postural Rebalancing with Sally Anderson




We all have postural challenges within our genes, from habitual movements, ways we might compensate, and for a whole host of different reasons. Understanding and maintaining optimal posture is a key to good health, good function, and feeling well. In our modern world, postural issues are being further exacerbated by technology, sitting, stress and so much more.

Sally will present efficient ways to understand, assess and correct postural dysfunctions, integrating Pilates matwork, apparatus, and small apparatus including arcs and wedges.

This highly practical workshop will provide repertoire, applications and sequencing for postural improvement.


Sunday 19 May 2024

Brisbane: Boutique Pilates Method Studio

Application of Strength in the Pilates Studio with Benjamin Rashleigh



11am – 3pm

With the intention of creating better understanding of strength techniques that can be applied when working with the Pilates method, you will come away with very specific techniques that are invaluable for client progression. Participants will learn how we can use these techniques to not only efficiently build strength, but also better mobility and end-of-range specific strengthening that can be applied to a multitude of functions, from sports/arts specific conditioning to daily life needs – for example, picking up that heavy storage box from the top shelf of the cupboard.

Workshop content includes:

  • the benefits of strength specific training
  • how the body builds strength and its response and adaptiveness to environmental stimuli
  • the Overload and Specificity principles of training
  • muscle contraction types and the nature of muscular force through each moment of contraction
  • flexibility vs mobility
  • strategies, application and exercises of the Pilates method
  • discussion and Q&A

Participants can expect to walk away with a better understanding of breaking down and applying strength building techniques with the Pilates method and how this relates to their specific, identified and chosen goals.


Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 May 2024


Program TBA with Andrew Aroustian



Stay tuned for all details coming up very soon!


Date TBA

Melbourne: Aligned For Life CBD

Centred to the Core for Posture, Pain and Performance with Kath Banks



10am-2.30pm (includes 30 min mid session break)

Designed for all movement specialists across Pilates, Fitness and Allied Health industries, this is a post-graduate workshop deepening understanding and providing reasoning, strategies and solid understanding of the most central aspects to the Pilates Method. Kath specialises in bringing the relevant research, science and integrations that cross the sectors of fitness and clinical needs with Pilates, and isn’t afraid to blend and unite the modalities for best outcomes.

This workshop focuses on how and why ‘centring or being centred’ is an essential primary principle of movement that will change your clients progress, motivation and achievements.

Being centred is all about creating a balance. A balance within the musculoskeletal system and a balance between strength, stability, mobility, flexibility and stiffness, to optimise movement efficiency and postural control, increase lumbopelvic and torso stability. Not only does this provide protection for the joints, but it also enables our whole body to be more reactive to the forces applied to it. Becoming more aware of our centre of gravity and creating balance around this point also aids awareness and proprioception, optimising the ability to transfer body weight when moving through space in general life and when performing specific physical activities and sport. Read more at booking link…


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