Deepen your understanding of Pilates drawn from the lineage of Deborah Lessen and Carola Trier, along with Pilates applications that reflect traditional Pilates fused with current applied science practices.

This one day training will anchor an ongoing program being developed to enhance the fusion of the direct lineage with the contemporary landscape, via long term Pilates experts who carry forward the teachings of Deborah Lessen, Carola Trier and other key teachers who have carried the Pilates industry development from source to current day and into the future.

The 23 November 2024 will be a founding day for this program, and offered by invitation only for the bulk of the day, with a final masterclass open to general enrolment.

Presenters:  Sally Anderson and Lanette Helene.

Saturday 23rd November 2024

By Invite Only

8.30-9.45am. Matwork Session

Choose your session (number limits apply)

Mat Class 1.

Exploring traditional and modern applications and variations.

Mat Class 2.

Challenge yourself to achieve several specific advanced classical exercises, using progressions during the class for optimum opportunity.

10.30am-12.30pm – All participants

Lineage repertoire and applications.

This will be a workshop session exploring key studio exercises and variations from the Lessen/Trier repertoire, explored alongside variations from parallel lineages as well as modern variations for specific client needs.

Lunch:  12.30-1.30pm

1.30-3.30pm.  All participants

Studio program.

From start to end, learn a studio program that reflects the use of this lineage for clients.


Saturday 23rd November 2024

Open Masterclasses

3.45-5pm – Masterclasses

Choose your session (number limits apply)

Matwork and Props: exploring traditional and modern applications.


Reformer: exploring lineage repertoire as well as modern applications.


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