Daily Health

Combining preventative and corrective movement with modern health and fitness needs, Reach Daily Health programs are tailored to provide effective progress toward your goals, and include self-care sequences and strategies.

‘If physical activity could be made into a pill everyone would want to take it.’

Movement is a medicine that, when prescribed effectively, can help to prevent or manage many disabling or fatal diseases … heart disease, cancer, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis and other chronic conditions.

Reach Daily Health programs are your pill. A prescription for good health through movement, using relevant, succinct, cutting-edge information and innovative movement techniques.

Reach Daily Health is grounded in experience, research, science and care.

Private Training & Coaching

One-on-one prescriptive training programs for Daily Health include movement assessment, tailored programs and instruction, ongoing reassessment of progress and continued development.

Bookings with our experts will commence online and in person from May 2021.

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