In collaboration with our Reach Affiliate Wellness Pilates Sydney

Reach is proud to deliver continuing education programs (CEP) with resources and translations to facilitate learning for Korean and Chinese Pilates teacher communities.

Your registration for theses continuing education sessions will be processed by Wellness Pilates Sydney. When you click on the TO BOOK button you will be taken to the Wellness Pilates Sydney CEP page and use the email or phone contacts to make your booking. You may also contact REACH at with any questions or booking requests. All Reach Movement Health terms of participation apply to these bookings.

Reformer Masterclasses

Presented by Reach expert Andrew Aroustian

26 February 2023

1.Reformer Masterclass


Advance your Reformer teaching and practice with this energising Reformer session, aimed at a post-intermediate level of work. This is for healthy, uninjured participants who are experienced and consistent in their Pilates practice. Class will be 1.15 hrs with opportunity for Q&A and review.

2.Reformer Masterclass: Spine extension focus


For many reasons it can be necessary for clients to have to avoid spinal flexion in their workouts. Common reasons can include lumbar disc bulges, compression fractures, or postural patterning needs. This masterclass will work through neutral to extension ranges of movement as a class, to provide more understanding of how to program and apply a full session with reduced spinal flexion. The extension focus will also have you feeling very upright by the end of the class! Class will be approximately 1 hr with 30 minutes included for discussion on the reasoning, repertoire and applications.


Pre & Post Natal Workshop

Presented by Reach expert Sonia Crisafulli

19 March 2023


Join womens health expert Sonia for a practical guide to understanding the three official trimesters of pregnancy and how to help mum recover post natally in what is often termed the ‘fourth trimester’.

You will learn guidelines, repertoire applications, and importantly, how to tailor programming to keep women in best condition while also keeping them working appropriately to their pregnancy and birthing experience.


Using Reach Arcs & Wedges

Presented by Reach founder Sally Anderson


28 May 2023


Reach Arcs are lightweight, perfectly sized arcs for addressing our modern day postural issues that are being exacerbated by technology, sitting and more. Our Wedges are simple props that offer huge value to rebalancing rotational postures and movement patterning.

In this workshop you will learn how to integrate the Posture Arc, Spine Arc and Posture Wedges into your studio or class programming to greatly improve client progression. You will explore ways to use these arcs and wedges in your warm ups, for integrated body work, in conjunction with the other equipment, and for various client needs.


Beautiful Spine Movement

Presented by Wellness Pilates founder and director Min Kim

2 July 2023


“You are only as young as your spine is flexible.” Joseph Pilates

The movement and function of our spine is integral to life. Min will present the anatomy and mechanics of the spine and provide various sequences that instructors can use to teach the spinal movement patterns that we need for everyday life, and how these spinal movements can be enhanced and progressed for greater strength, flexibility and resilience.

You will leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of the mechanics of the spine in movement, a wealth of repertoire and how to apply for the best and most beautiful spine of your clients and your self.


Lower Limb & Sacroiliac Dysfunction

Presented by Reach expert Andrew Aroustian

6 August 2023

1.Genu Varum & Genu Valgus in the Lower Limbs


Take a closer look at what is happening with these common lower limb alignments and apply repertoire to improve gait, function, balance, posture and biomechanics. 

2.Managing SIJ Dysfunction


Movement training is known to be highly effective in the ongoing management of sacroiliac joint (SIJ), dysfunction. In particular the repertoire and apparatus of the Pilates method is uniquely beneficial for restoring and maintaining efficient SIJ function.

In this workshop Andrew will explain the structure and function of the SIJ, discuss common symptoms and presentations, then provide practical repertoire and programming sequences that contribute to stability with appropriate mobility of the joints. You will learn how to reduce symptoms and progress clients with both matwork and apparatus exercises, integrating pre-Pilates and Pilates repertoire and muscular sling patterning.


ReformerFit Jump

Presented by Reach expert Andrew Aroustian


29 October 2023


Jumping is plyometric training – explosive exercise utilising powerful muscular contractions. The Pilates method offers a unique opportunity to train and challenge plyometric ability utilising the Jumpboard and integrating the whole body in repertoire and variations. In this workshop you will start to learn the principles of plyometric training and apply them to the ReformerFit Jump class, along with progressions and  specific applications.


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