Blossom Leilani Crawford


Blossom Leilani Crawford is the owner and director of Bridge Pilates in Brooklyn, New York. She is known for her playful and powerful teaching methods, which she developed during the seventeen years she worked with Pilates Elder Kathleen Stanford Grant. Blossom had the great fortune of being introduced to Pilates by Kathy Grant in 1993 during her first year as a dance student at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Blossom was immediately impressed by how Kathy’s exacting and intuitive approach to Pilates maintained and healed her body throughout her rigorous dance program. After three years of working with Kathy, Blossom became her Teaching Assistant at NYU, an honored position that she held for over a decade (1996-2007). With Kathy’s encouragement, Blossom pursued private study with Pilates Elder Romana Kryzanowska under whom she received her Pilates teaching certification in 1999 after six hundred hours of practice and observation. In January of 2006, Blossom opened Bridge Pilates to create a space where all styles of Pilates are present and honored in the spirit Kathy always taught her. Her in-depth knowledge and diverse background make her a sought-after teacher for both continuing education and prestigious conferences throughout the United States and around the world.

Dr Marshall Hagins




Marshall attended North Carolina School for the Arts as a ballet major and danced on and off-Broadway. He got his BS in physical therapy,  and a PhD in Biomechanics and Ergonomics from New York University.  Dr. Hagins is Emeritus Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at Long Island University having taught there for 20 years. He is a Senior Clinical Research Associate at Harkness Center for Dance Injuries in Manhattan.  Dr. Hagins has worked with members of the New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Merce Cunningham Dance Company, among others and has been the company physical therapist for Mark Morris Dance Group for 25 years. He has published over 35 papers in peer reviewed journals in the areas of Dance Medicine, Sports Injuries, Ergonomics, and Alternative Medicine (yoga) and has received over one million dollars in research funding from the National Institutes of Health. He has been practicing physical therapy for 28 years and is the owner of Brooklyn Arts Physical Therapy housed within the Mark Morris Dance Center.  Dr. Hagins is currently performing research at the Harkness Center biomechanics lab on spinal asymmetries and he is delighted to be working with Blossom to bring some of these ideas to Pilates practitioners who can put them into real world practice.

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