Shauna Hall

Arguably one of the world’s most qualified and leading movement specialists, Shauna is a Registered Nursing Sister, holds MA Women’s Health, MA Public Health, Post-grad Clinical Pharmacology, BA Arts (Dance), Advanced Diploma Pilates, Cert Yoga, and more. Her genius is an ability to turn her extensive knowledge into practical, usable movement programs that target complex conditions and disease factors, while keeping everything fun. Shauna’s Vital Health series includes practitioner training courses for ‘The Ladykillers – targeting the most prolific diseases that kill women’; ‘Modern Menopause’, ‘Exercise and Depression’, ‘Spinal Fitness’ and ‘Dealing with Psychosocial Stress’. Shauna’s addition of pharmacological studies provided her the opportunity to undertake a comparative assessment of antidepressant medication versus physical exercise as a modality for effective treatment for minor to moderate depression.

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