Workshop: Reach ReformerFit Taster

Including discussion of the underpinning strategies of Reach ReformerFit conditioning program that integrates current science based training concepts to the Pilates workout, participants will then learn selected variations and transitions, cueing and approach, and put that experience into a ReformerFit Mat class.

This will be a taster of the ReformerFit sessions, learning to move through a ReformerFit program using the required transitions and pace, with an overview of the program and repertoire breakdown. Presented by Andrew Aroustian.

Note: the class will be a ReformerFit MAT class, going over the work learned on the Reformer during the lecture and practice lab components.

SYDNEY: Sunday 29 May 2022,  1-3pm. (Preceded by Reach PosturePlus Taster)

Venue:  Reach HQ

BRISBANE: Saturday 4 June 2022, 3-5pm. (Preceded by Reach Hydration Taster)


Join us in the Studio in Sydney, or we can also facilitate Zoom attendance. Please contact us to arrange zoom.

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