Workshop: Reach Hydration Taster

Our world and our lifestyles are taking a great toll on our hydration and this reflects itself in all our systems, physical functions and cognitive abilities. Presented by Sally Anderson this Taster includes discussion on hydration in our modern age, providing several key strategies for improving hydration for everyone, before moving into a Reach Hydration sequences and a movement session. Learning simple strategies to achieve optimal hydration through prescriptive movement is key to health and wellbeing in the modern world. This workshop will include mat and selected small apparatus. It is intended to be highly practical but can be done as observation if you prefer.

SYDNEY:  Saturday 19 February 2022,  12.30-2.30pm.   (Followed by Reach ReformerFit Taster)

BRISBANE: Saturday 4 June, 12.30-2pm

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