Workshop: Having an Impact on Bone Strength for Life

Presented by Kath Banks, this workshop comprises a blended delivery style including lecture slides, and practical demonstration, using selected apparatus and mat.

With 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men over 60 experiencing an osteoporotic fracture in Australia, it is time to have more of an impact on bone strength prior to fractures occurring. Prevention is better than cure, so this workshop will focus on maximising bone mass in younger years, minimising bone loss in later years and building the resilience of common fracture sites.

Bone strength is a little like superannuation – the more we deposit early, the less of an impact withdrawal will have later. A better understanding of bone mass development through the stages of life, bone metabolism, and osteogenic exercises, can assist Pilates Instructors maximise the role they play in ongoing bone strength.

Muscle strength, impact landing and load variability play a vital role in overall bone strength. This workshop will explore adding these elements into a Pilates workout through progressive overload. The focus will be on continuing to build the strength of a healthy skeletal system, and elements of the workshop will also transfer for working with a low bone density population.

This will be a fun, energetic workshop that will provide you with knowledge, tools & strategies, to ensure you can have an impact on bone strength for life.


  • Understanding of bone mass development through the stages of life
  • Understanding of bone metabolism
  • Osteogenic Exercises
  • Targeted repertoire application
  • Strategies for progressive overload

MELBOURNE: Friday 18 November 2022, 1-4.30pm


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