Masterclasses with Katrina Edwards

Two outstanding masterclasses presented by Katrina Edwards, long term strength and conditioning specialist for the Australian Ballet School and the Western Bulldogs A grade football team, director of National Pilates Training and extensively experienced movement practitioner.

Katrina has a long and impressive list of clients in elite arts and sports which currently includes Melbourne City Football Club for the past six years and the Australian Ballet School over the past five years. She has a long standing history of training for the AFL that spans 20 plus years, as well working with the Victorian Institute of sport and their elite gymnastics program. Read more about Katrina’s experience and expertise by clicking on her name.

This is a rare opportunity to work with Katrina on specific strategies in a practical working space. Masterclasses include:

Masterclass 1: Co-ordination of Breath and Movement for Flow

This session aims to take you out of your ‘thinking brain’ and give over to sensing and being absorbed in the moment of co-ordination between breath and movement, that provides a flowing, rhythmic movement experience. Within this meditative movement experience is mindfulness, centredness and connection.

Masterclass 2: Performance Enhancement and Elite Sports Conditioning

This Masterclass will include a brief introduction and overview to this topic, then practical work combined with observation, in small groups. You will work on both mat and reformer during the session and have the opportunity to both ‘do’ and ’see’ the work provided. With Katrina’s long standing and very current perspectives on training elite performers and sports persons, you will take away information and practical experience of essential strategies and repertoire to apply, as well having an opportunity for questions and feedback.

SYDNEY:  Friday 4 March

At Reach HQ

Masterclass 1:   1-2.30pm

Masterclass 2:  3-4.30pm

BRISBANE:  May 2022 (date tbc)

At Core Pilates Brisbane

Masterclass 1:   1-2.30pm

Masterclass 2:  3-4.30pm

MELBOURNE: Friday 15 July 2022

At Aligned For Life Studio, CBD

Masterclass 1:   1-2.30pm

Masterclass 2:  3-4.30pm



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